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 2012-12-01 20:31:56 201.191.*.* [CR] San Jose San Jose 
 2012-11-27 09:59:24 186.32.*.* [CR] San Jose San Jose 
conductor responsable Curso gratuito de preparaci n para la prueba te rica de manejo Un proyecto de Avalado por Florida Bebidas MOPT COSEVI
Other scam
Feb 12 2014  US.United States
Paid money for a ticket to an scmc conference and audition, and when I arrived at the advertised location, there was no

Jan 28 2014  HR.Croatia
i got a attach, with a ziped exe file, looks like a mms, but a lot smaller of course.
Fake prize scam
Jan 16 2014  IS.Iceland
Received a letter from "Terra Viva Grants Directory" which is supposed to be an award notification/final notice informin

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